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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A samaritan sermon

The Rev. Uelyss Reed, Roy and Nelva Griggs and Don McDuffy

Samaritan Award Banquet Guest Hazel Harris

Photos by Paul L. Schuetze

When McDonald’s owner/community contributor Roy Griggs received the Samaritan of the Year 2007 Award Thursday, he preached all of us a sermon.

It is the small things we do that make the world a better place, Griggs said.

Things like a smile and a kind word.

"We don’t know how far that will go in someone’s life," he explained, with one of his wide smiles that light up a room.

"It only takes one life, one person to help someone in need and bring about great change," he said.

"Do something just to make the world different. Let’s keep lifting each other up. When we all come together, we can bring change," he said.
"You can bring about change," he added.

Griggs said he was so grateful for the award and thanked the Lord for all he had allowed him to accomplish.
Along the way, "I see so many Good Samaritans," said Griggs. "This is such a good place to live and do business and tonight is an expression of that.

No, we cannot all afford to give $250,000 to Christus Schumpert Sutton Children’s Medical Center, like Griggs did.

But we can all smile at that homeless person we see on the street or write a note to someone who is very ill. We can answer the phone at work with a pleasant voice no matter how busy we are. We can befriend a lonely person.

Griggs received the award at the Samaritan of the Year Banquet at Shreveport Country Club. He was honored by the Samaritan Counseling Center.

Griggs' list of community service is lengthy. He is on the prestigious Committee of 100 and the boards of the Hal Sutton and the Independence Bowl Foundations.

But he also teachers Sunday school and is a deacon at Stonewall Baptist Church, Bossier City and he is involved in the Boy Scouts.
Congratulations, Roy. What a special person you are for our community.


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