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Monday, October 01, 2007

We go Reveling

Photo by Paul L. Schuetze/The Times

Red River Revel Artist Lori Watts of Columbia, Miss., had jury duty for six months before the festival opened — hindering her usual flurry of work.
The duty ended Wednesday, giving her one day to pack up and head west. She and husband sculptor Ben Watts show together.

Husband Paul L. Schuetze and I have loved and collected Watts’ works since she first started showing here several years ago and always stop by to say, "Hi."

Watts recognizable raku boxes are "beribboned" with raku swirls that, well, look like a ribbon. The "ribbons" top the lids.

We show her above with some red glazed pieces, but she also creates them with glazes of turquoise, yellow and purple. They are all sizes and shapes and are exquisite. And, she is venturing out, with her "ribbons," trading raku for copper wire and beads in some pieces.

You can buy Watts art work for prices that range from $35 for a cross to $895 for a large sculpture. Boxes start at $45.

Ben’s works with oil-based clay and cast bronze. You can pick up one of his for $495 for a small bust to $8,500 for a large Indian chief bust.

The piece that dominates the booth is a dramatic rendering of a Christ figure.It was done for a service for our church," said Lori.

Ben filmed himself as he sculptured it and it was presented at Willow Point Church, Hattiesburg, Miss., in an unusual way.

Just installed at the Archery Hall of Fame at Bass Pro, Springfield, Mo., is "A Bear Hunt," honoring famous archer Fred Bear by Ben. A smaller version is displayed in Ben’s booth and it is stunning.
There is also a lifesize John Wesley by Ben at Millsaps, College, Jackson, Miss.

Definitly worth your time to stop by the Watts’ booth.

A Dot & A Dash

... Loved Darryl Freed’s cards. Featuring the name of his business "Cabin Fever" and his telephone number, they are on a chip of wood!

Freed is from Harrison, Ark., and combines rough wood he picks up in the woods with smooth finished wood for his unusual duck work.

The names he gives them, provides glimpse of their theme.

How about "Soul Mates," "The Flush," "Double Dipping."

Prices range from $45 for a small carved duck to "$750 for an intricate "Circle of Life" lamp.
Among this most popualr sellers: the decoy style pieces.


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