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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who is Wanda Mitchell?

Linda M. Biernacki

What is in a name?

If you read my personalty profile on community volunteer Linda Biernacki on the front of The Times Sunday Living section, you may think you need to know all there is to know about her. I wrote a lot. It was a long story. I had a lot to say. She was a fascinating subject.

But, I have more info. (Well, I couldn't fit it all in!)

When Biernacki was born, her mother, Anne Marie Mitchell, was unable to help name her because of complications from the birth, so her dad, Jerry Lee Mitchell, named her.

Wanda Mitchell.

A perfectly good name, as all Wandas, their parents and friends know.

But, her mom didn’t like it.

"She will henceforth be called Linda Lee," said Anne Marie when she was awake.

And so, she was, Linda Lee.

"Wanda was on my birth certificate, but I was Linda Lee," said Biernacki.

So, much later. Biernacki changed it officially and legally to "Linda Lee."


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