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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The 2008 Mardi Gras season ends

Krewe of Harambee Queen Sharon Braggs stands by her man Harambee King Tymwa Dixon
Guest Roxann Johnson and LaKesha Mosley flank Krewe of Harambee Captain LeMar Flukers.
Photos byPaul L. Schuetze/The Times


When the last note on the Michael Ward band shut down the Krewe of Harambee Ball Saturday night, the Mardi Gras ball season was over.

And, what a ball it was at Horseshoe Riverdome.

So was the Shreveport Opera Krewe of Arepo held two nights earlier and Krewe of Highland, the night before.

King Tymwa Dixon and Queen Sharon Braggs as King Ramses II and Queen Nandi and Captain LeMar Flukers as King Mansa Kankan Mussa, were among court members who honored "Great Kings and Queens of Africa."
Drums and other percussion instruments filtered through Horseshoe Riverdome on Feb. 3 and costumes reflected the royals the locals portrayed.

We heard about the great king of the Zulus, King Shaka Zulu and three women queens, two of whom I had never heard of — Queen Nzingha and Queen Tiye.

Just a glimpse of them enchanted and enthralled and made me want to head back to history class so I could learn more. They were powerful women.

Those of you who see our good friend, Chieftain VII Ron Weems, in court or on the streets should know that he is now a king, King Tutankhamun.
Other royals: High Priestesses VII Katrina Thomas, Queen Nzingha; Tenisha Thompson, Queen Tiye; and Lisa jackson, Queen Cleopatra.
Chieftains VII: Daniel Moore, King Shaka Zulu and Al Bradley, King Shamba Bolongongo.

The Orchesis Dance Company, led by Diane Maroney Grigsby traditionally performed at this ball. They are professional and flawless and I wish everyone could see them.

Intermission entertainment: Christian Dance Center.

Each royal was introduced by a dance performance. Some performed rhythmically belly dances. One literally crawled out of a box and I wondered, "How is she doing this?

A very special Harambee moment: Entrance of all the past Harambee royalty and all Harambee krewe members.


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