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Monday, January 28, 2008

LSU, here we come

Duchess of Louisiana Martha Rennie shows off collarpiece

Krewe of Gemini 2007 Louis Townsend and Queen Doreen Dockendorf take final bows Waynette Ballengee and Maggie at the ball

Gemini Captain Ed Hoover surrounded by confetti

Kim Hoover and husband Krewe of Gemini Captain Ed Hoover

Duke of Louisiana Jerry Talley's table
Photos by Paul L. Schuetze

When the Duke of Louisiana Jerry Talley and Duchess of Louisiana Martha Rennie stepped out on stage representing LSU Tiger Stadium’s Death valley at Krewe of Gemini Grand Bal Saturday, the crowd went wild.

The theme was "Gemini’s Favorite Things" and as duke and duchess of Louisiana, Talley and Rennie, represented Tiger Stadium’s Death Valley, as one of Louisiana’s favorite things.

When the wo came out to the LSU Fight song in purple and gold costumes, with a goal post for headpieces and a sequinned tiger as the collarpieces, ... Well, the black-tie crowd of at least 1,000 did go wild and crazy.

Guests jumped up. They applauded. They filled the floor with confetti of all sizes and colors as royals made their way around the floor and the music changed from the Fight Song to pulsating marching music.

That is not to say that the other royals didn’t get their share of adulation, but everyone agreed that the lion’s share of attention went, this year, to the Death Valley royals.

Interesting note: the costumes were designed, talked about and decided upon last summer, long before LSU played one game.

Representing Barbie and Ken, Queen Gemini XIX Sally A. Graff and King Gemini XIX Dr. Tobin Grigsby reigned over the ball.

We are sharing some images from the elaborate ball. Go to www.shreveporttimes.com to see more.


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