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Monday, December 24, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

Husband Paul L. Schuetze’s white lighted angles are flying from the trunks of the oak trees that march like soldiers down our driveway on the Old Mooringsport Road, that I affectionately refer to in this blog as "The Road."

The angels and the other displays are his installation and I must say are spectacular. (Traditionally, he puts it all out, the day after Thanksgiving.)

They welcome me with flair all of December as I turn in that driveway usually well after sunset. (He has a nativity scene on the lawn, Santa and his reindeer taking off from the roof and cascading lights dripping from the roof line.)

Even when I am feeling droopy after a long day at my desk, the angels remind me what the season is all about. They cheer me and give me a warm feeling.

Paul and I took a ride last night around the North Highland neighborhood where I walk every morning.
Many homeowners in that area have brightened the streets with lighted displays.

The resident at the northwest corner of Old Mooringsport and Poleman Road sets the pace, with galloping reindeer, a snow globe, a chorus of angels and lights all over his house. (We always look forward to his elaborate displays that light up The Road.)

Here, there and yonder down that street are an assortment of outdoor scenes, including one right across the street, that touts a manger scene and a cross and a banner proclaiming, "Peace on earth."

At one home, there is a blow-up tiger, grinch and a Santa peeking out a door.

One home, has sections "roped off" with multicolored lights and bears singing Christmas carols.
Interesting note: this year, several houses used all blue lights, rather than multi or white.

At Dodd and Cornell, a corner lawn is alive with lights. With a nativity scene, angles trumpeting. Three trees on a corner feature off and one, blue, red and green lights, but all over the lawn, are traditionally-lighted trees.

And, so it goes on The Road ... and beyond.

I hope your home is lit with lights, yes, but also with love, warmth and many family traditions.

Happy Holidays!


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