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Friday, February 01, 2008

Assignment: Estate sale

I love estate sales!

So, I was thrilled when assigned to cover the estate sale of Susybelle Wilkinson Lyons on 7130 Gilbert Drive. Lyons was one of those delightful folks we met through our long career. We loved eating at her restaurant years ago, attending a party in her home and writing about her.

So, how perfect to be able to shop and write.

Good to see Pat Thatcher who was holding the show.

I bought a vintage green trellis for $5. A frog for arranging flowers for $4.

Just had to have chipped Haviland-Limoges oyster plate with whimsical cabbage roses on it. Now, those plates were $100 each, but the chipped one I picked up for five bucks. Who will see the chip when I display it on a shelf, I asked myself.

I also got three china plates of different sizes for $5, a large pumpkin shaped plate — I love fall — for $5 and a little glass box for $1. And a sterling silver spoon for $16 that is a gift for a friend.

Oh, and some wonderful sterling, cheap, because it was bent! I don’t care. I’ll display it so no one will know.

And did I mention, two wire plant stands.

Best of all — a large wooden turkey for decorative display outside. Five bucks! You just can’t beat that, though I am lamenting the moose figure soap dish that I just didn’t see.

I can tell you, my RAV 4 is full.

But I am not done. I have a bid on some bone dishes. And I am eyeing a huge bisque turkey, a leopard print, gold fringed stool and odd-shaped glass pitcher and maybe some more spoons for gifts. (Country Home editor Mary Emmerling says everyone needs leopard print something in their home.)

Among those I ran into working, browsing or buying: Carolyn Prator, Judy Stoer, Dru Florsheim, Maggie McElroy, Mimi Hussey, Tom Craig, Emily Mott, Lisa Hargrove, Karla Loftin, Betty Chapman, Mary O’Neal, Lola Herndon, Tiddle Florsheim Mogg.

It runs through today. Things are 25 percent off from 9 a.m. to noon and 50 percent off from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Maybe I'll see you there.

Let me know if you go and what did you buy.

Haved a grand weekend. See you Monday!


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