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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stories from a mom

Susan Ogilvie (left) and Ellen P. Murphy, moms of bride Lauren Murphy and groom Stuart Murphy respectively pose at their children's wedding June 2..

Stuart and Lauren M. Murphy, who married Saturday in Dixie, are honeymooning in a cabin in the Ozarks of Arkansas and he has already called his mom, former Shreveporter Murphy of Baton Rouge.

Ellen, a Ph.D., is now associate director and a state program leader in the school of Human Ecology at the LSU AgCenter.

Anyway, she was in a meeting Monday when the phone rings.

It is Stuart.

"He said, ‘Mother, how long do you cook baked potatoes?’" e-mailed Ellen.

Oven or microwave, Ellen asked.

When he answered "Oven," Ellen responded: "400 degrees for about an hour. Just stick a knife in it and when the middle is soft, they’re ready."

Stuart loves to cook for Lauren, explained Murphy.

... One more story from the groom’s mom.

Stuart and Lauren dated when he was 16 and she was 14 and he told his mom that she was the girl he would marry.

However, they dated a short time and after graduation from Captain Shreve High School, went their separate ways.

Ten years late, Lauren, who was living here, called Ellen to get the telephone number of Stuart who had made his home in Arizona.

"They talked every day. He flew home to see her for a week, then she flew out there for a week and the next thing I knew, he is moving back to Shreveport," e-mailed Ellen. "They have been together ever since."

By the time she told that story and Stuart’s father, Jeff Murphy, recited an Irish prayer at the June 1 rehearsal dinner for 66 at Superior Steakhouse, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Times Photo/Paul L. Schuetze


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