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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Star watch

Actress Margaret Avery dropped by Absolutely Abigail’s last week.

She was a quiet shopper and no one knew who she was until she checked out.

She bought a dress and ordered a jacket to be shipped to California.

"She said she was going to wear it to a yacht party," said Ab Ab owner Donna Phillips.

The call for 250 Humphrey Yogarts came to Audrey Pope at Counter Culture May 17, three hours before the customer wanted it delivered!

The "customer" was actress Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They wanted the Humphreys delivered to the set of "Mad Money," said East Kings store manager Audrey Pope.

She hustled.

Instead of preparing 250 individual Humphreys, Pope took 250 large cups and filled them two-thirds full with yogurt. She then provided traditional Humphrey fixings — honey, yogurt and three kinds of fruit. "Katie specifically wanted blueberries, strawberries and bananas," said Pope
But she added non-traditional Humphrey mixings like coconut, pecans and chocolate chips.

Counter Culture owner Jan Middleton and her daughter Madeline Middleton accompanied Pope.

"We met Katie and Tom and Suri who came over to the table. They thanked us for coming out. They told us how much they loved our yogurt and said they wished they had one in California," said Pope.

Pope spotted both Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton, but neither tried a Humphrey.

Pope isn’t sure how the stars found out about Counter Culture, but for some time, someone had been ordering lot of yogurt and toppings on the side.

"Katie’s assistant called and said she had been calling for the to-go orders and that Katie wanted Humphreys for 250 people," said Pope.

Because it was so easy, the job inspired Pope to start marketing "Humphrey Parties" for people.

So how many Humphreys do they sell a year? "About 39,000. We have already sold 100 and will probably sell 20 more before the day is over today. It is our No. 1 seller," answered Pope.

I certainly buy my share. I love Humphreys, too!

Any other fans out there? Tell me why.

... When "The Great Debaters" cast and crew drove away from Gilliam Saturday after filming all day, they said they will return. In July.

Any more star sightings out there? Send them our way. Pictures, too.


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