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Thursday, May 10, 2007

On the road again

I took the road less traveled today.

Yes, on assignment to the country to visit two country cottage gardens on Lake Kepler near Jamestown.

Off Interstate-20, I headed south on Highway 154 as it wound its way through Gibsland and historic Mount Lebanon.

It is a good, well-marked highway, though curvey as it winds its way through pine and some hardwood forests.

And, even though you probably shouldn’t refer to the area as "remote," in some ways it is.

We hear so often about urban sprawl. Yet ... there are places — and this is one of them — where you pass no store, not even a little country one. (After I went through Gibsland and on to shores of Kepler, for probably 35 miles, there was not one place to stop.)

And, in a high-tech world, my cell phone couldn’t pick up a signal in this neck of the words. (I suppose that if I had a flat or car trouble, at some point someone would start looking for me, but I certainly could not have called for help.)

I loved every minute of the journey.

Some highlights: The sprawling Mount Lebanon Cemetery with its elaborate gate and an array of tombstones spread down a country hillside. (What stories lie here?) ... A stunning, very large, old red barn with a tin roof at the intersection of Highways 154 and 793, where Pleasant Hill CME Church is a crossroads landmark.

I was bemused by the sign "Beware PH" posted on a hardscrabble spread high on a bluff above the highway. Who in the world should I "beware" of? Curious though I was, I did not stop to inquire.

And I was enchanted by the well-executed, hand-made, metal cutout sign pointing the way to "St. Rest Church" — down yet another road less traveled. (Whoever made it is an artist in his/her own way.)

Do you have any country road stories? I’d love to hear them.


Blogger "Down Home Plantation" said...

As you travel through historic Mount Lebanon be sure to visit the Stage Coach Trail Museum, open Friday thru Sunday from 2pm to 5pm. Maintain by the Mount Lebanon Historical Society for the past 40 years. Drive by the 7 national register homes. For more info visit web site.

7:50 AM  

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