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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Darlin' debs take a breather

The Demoiselle Club summer season is winding down, with the last party scheduled for Saturday, a Debs and Dads Pool Party & Grill toasting Catherine Dorroh.

Among the last, appropriately enough, was "A Summer Soiree" held Wednesday for Ginny Broyles at the home of her parents, Bill and Nancy Broyles, and hosted by Sue Broyles, Becky Broyles and Janet Hicks.

A whimsical invitation boosting a line drawing of a summer blossom beckoned friends to stop by for the fete and for Uppercrust of Haynesville’s divine delights downed with refreshing lemonade and ice tea.

Celeste Wedgeworth created summer bouquets, some of which included pears and apples. (Unique designs you expect of talented Wedgeworth.)

The thirteen darlin’ debs will bow formally to society Nov. 24 at Shreveport Country.

But inbetween?
Broyles will work for Knox Goodman and will travel to Chicago to visit friends.

She has already selected her white formal for the presentation. "It is pretty and the first one I tried on," said Broyles.

Dorroh plans to head to the beach with her family in July, but back to Ole Miss the middle of August.

The season was special to her because she got reacquainted with many of the young women she knew as an elementary student at St. Mark’s Cathedral School.

She selected her dress on spring break when she dashed into Sue Peyton’s on a whim. "I went in for 30 minutes and found my dress!"

As for Amanda Clemons, she will make sojourns to Chicago and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her parents.

When the last party is over, Alex Rhodes will report to work for her father at Steel Forgings.

"I am majoring in accounting, so I will be doing accounting, taxes, payroll and the mail," she said.

She and her family will also make their way to Cabo San Lucas.

Neither Clemons nor Rhodes have selected presentation dresses.

"We need to get started!" commented Rhodes


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