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Monday, March 12, 2007

Power play

Cantina Laredo!

Boy, does it attract the power crowd! (And everyone else, too.)

We were there for the first time Thursday evening dining with a group of friends, when we noticed a passel of the powerful coming and going. A little snooping and we found they were there for a fundraiser for state Rep. Taylor Townsend of Natchitoches, who is running for state senator. In the photo: Adrianne Bradford, Townsend, Ron Miciotto and Jason Waltman.

The power pack included Louisiana Atty. Gen. Charlie Foti; two district attorneys, Paul Carmouche of Caddo and Schuyler Marvin of Bossier-Webster; at least four district judges, Woody Nesbitt, Roy Brun and Scott Crichton, all of Caddo, and Glen Fallin of Bienville, Claiborne and Jackson.
Other luminaries: Bossier City Marshal Johnny Wyatt; former Shreveport Mayor Keith Hightower; former City of Shreveport CAO Ken Antee; Shreveport City Councilman Joe Shyne; Carey Schimpf; Cliff Poimboeuf; Shreveport Bar Association prez Marty Stroud; Joey and Amy Greenwald; Carmouche’s wife, Marti Carmouche; Bill Kendig and Eric Johnson.
(Photo by Paul L. Schuetze)


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