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Monday, February 05, 2007

“What Would Jesus Drive?”

Pardon us for detouring a bit, but we consider Sunday school social, too. (We sip coffee and occasionally savor doughnuts. And visit.)

And we were so intrigued by the list of summer ideas Mary Anne Selber handed out Sunday for our class at First Presbyterian Church of Shreveport that we thought you’d find them interesting, too.

How about: “What Would Jesus Drive?” (Anybody out there have any ideas?)

And: “Is Ketchup a Vegetable? The Politics of Food?” or “Is God in the Workplace?”

There were some more serious issues too. Things like: “Is Torture Ever Justified?” “Sweatshop Ethics.” “Preparing for End-of-Life Matters: Practical Steps.” “Avian Flu.”

There were 40 choices. We voted on the topics we want to study and the majority wins!


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