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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Super ball

There were 80 Supermen/Women running around the Minden-based Krewe des Ambassadeurs Grand Bal VI Jan. 27 at Diamond Jacks Casino & Resort, Bossier City.

They were guests of and all outfitted by Ambassadeurs King Darin Mealey, who reigned with Queen Mahala Hutto.

Hailing the centerpiece Superman and modeling their capes, with sunglasses on back of their heads: The Cambridge Club owners Greg and Patti Carey (left), Kelly Blackburn of Dallas, and Webster Stewart of Bossier City.

"When I stepped out on stage, I saw 80 nerdy Clark Kents staring back at me," said King Mealey.

The theme was "Carnival in Venice — Masquerade Ball." Mealey was dressed head to toe in traditional Venice Carnival formal costume.
So why Supermen/Women?

Well, several years ago, Mealey bought a Superman throw at a Twelfth Night Party. Then those throws sort of disappeared from the scene, but he drew attention because he always wore his.

Sooo ... for the ball, he dressed a six-foot (or more) manikin in a Superman costume and put in eyes that light up.

He commissioned Lola Butler of Dixie Inn, who created his costume, to make 80 Super capes! (Wow! Lola, were you seeing red at the end of it all!)

"To complete the costumes, I bought 80 pairs of black-rimmed sunglasses in New Orleans and popped out the sunglasses," Mealey said.

... While veteran costumer/creator Butler was stitching up the preponderance of Ambassadeurs’ costumes, Captain Vicki Cullen signed up retired legal secretary/seamstress Maxine Kilpatrick of Arcadia to make her intricate, pouf-sleeve one.

"I heard about her at a shower. I took her a pattern and she ad libbed," said Cullen.

"It was the first costume she had ever made."


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