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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Throw me something, mistah!

Attorneys Lillian and Vernon Richie model huge glasses, part of the multitude of throws which royalty, the captain and co-captain tossed Saturday night at Krewe of Aesclepius 2007 Bal Masque XVII. "Fly Aesclepius" was a ball that took you around the world and to the moon and sun.

All krewe royalty want visitors to take home something spectacular to remember the event by, so throws are often elaborate and creative.
And people make mad dashes to get "the good ones."

Just a sampling: Captain Jim Thomas who was "flying" an airplane as part of his costume, tossed model airplanes made of balsa wood. Duke of Outback Paradise Chad Mackey, all decked out in safari ensemble, gave out a snake that slithered.

One royal threw soft cubes that looked like money and another, mini moon pies.


Blogger Lillian said...

Maggie: As evidenced by our goofy-looking picture, we had a seriously fun time at the ball. The tableau was light-hearted and original, and the throws, as you noted, were unique. Many thanks to Bob and Joanna Robinson for inviting us to sit at their festive ball table!

3:46 PM  

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