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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Clear as glass

Trendies across the country looking for the latest in handbags are toting see-through plastic ones, according to a front page story in the Wall Street Journal.

Labels ranging from Oscar de la Renta to Fendi to Chanel are selling clear plastic bags with prices starting at about $500, according to the story. For instance, Neiman Marcus stocked up on a $995 slouch bag by Be & D that is entirely transparent except for its leather handle.

Designers responded with the clear bags after the terrorist scare in Britain when passengers suddenly were required to tote certain carry-ons in transparent plastic bags.

None of the local stores we contacted carry the exact look, but Dillard's-Mall St. Vincent does have totes with a middle lining and clear sides for $40 to $60.

Dillard’s’ female staffers have the chic-y look.

For security reasons, the store gives them clear, handled bags, said Cynthia Taylor, assistant store manager at Dillard’s, Mall St. Vincent.

And husband Paul L. Schuetze wasn't impressed, saying he has seen them sold for $10 in Wal-Mart as backpacks for school children.

Etiquette expert Letitia Baldrige, Jacqueline’s Kennedy’s chief of staff in the White House, calls the concept "very tacky," according to the story.

So what do you say?

Has anyone out there bought one or seen one here? How do you like it?
Let us know.


Blogger Cole S. Law said...


If you are going to the trouble to blog (about time!), readers should respond.

In the movie, "A League of their Own," an etiquette instructor advises the players: "A lady NEVER reveals more than she should."

The same could be said of these see-through handbags. As in the movie, there are "hits" and there are "misses." Put this style of handbag down as a "miss," one no gentleman ever would dare to give as a gift.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Kandy said...

Well, I guess everyone has their opinion, so here's mine. Clear bags are becoming a requirement no matter where you go. There are so many styles that will allow you to discreetly hide your personal items, but at the same time display what security wants to see.

Most of these clear handbags have an attached matching accessory bag to hide, well let's say those "more personal" items. Let's not knock this style yet, I just got word that at the Shoe Show in LA, Clear Handbags are going to be coupled with new "clear shoes"....Go Figure

6:26 PM  

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