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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cirque du Soleil comes calling

Cirque du soleil of Saltimbanco enter artspace Saturday for the Fiesta
More Cirque du Soleilers

Ciorque du Soleil bus

Ciorque du Soleil performers at the Fiesta

Scott Soignier and his wife, Fiesta chairwoman Missie.

Lauren Humphrey (left) and Dr. Lauren Wallace dressed alike at the Fiesta.

Times Photos by Paul L. Schuetze

Cirque du Soleil of Saltimbanco street performers were all over town last week.

Dressed in black and white and standing almost ceiling high on stilts, they burst into The Times newsroom Thursday, handing out press releases to Kathie Rowell and Stephanie Netherton and others. It was a dramatic moment, catching all of us totally off guard.

They wheeled Ashley Northington around the newsroom, planting a red clown’s nose on her.
They generally created whimsical mayhem.

Which is to say that we loved the interruption — just prior to a staff meeting — and applauded as they stilted out.

I ran into them again Friday night when they joined the crowd for the Sci-Port Discovery Center Mad Scientist Ball at the center and made their way around that event — just missing the mayor and his wife who had left for a friend’s birthday party.

And, they made quite a grand entrance Saturday night at St. Mark’s Cathedral School Fiesta at Shreveport Regional Arts Council artspace. Earlier in the day, they had reconnoitered there to be sure everyone know what would be going on.

At the Fiesta, they swirled their capes, danced about and charmed all.

Their green bus was parked outside. (Paul captured them at the Fiesta. See photos above.)

With its elaborate likeness of a Cirque performer, it is quite eye-catching.

Did you run into the performers anywhere else?

Let me know.


Great pals Lauren Humphrey and Dr. Lauren Wallace showed up in the same retro-print dress at the Fiesta. Humphrey paired hers with high heel sandals and teamed boots with here. (See photo above.)


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